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Create a node in Oracle Hyperion Data Relation Ship Management (DRM)

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In this post I am trying to show how we can create a node in Oracle Data Relation Ship Management using in build API’s for DRM . Before proceeding for actual development we need to make our project ready so that it will able to get all In build API’s. First of all we need to download Oracle DRM SDK using below link
DRM sdk provides below artifacts
image Figure 1
but we need only jar files belongs to dist/lib and thirdparty to create below libraries for our Jdeveloper Project. Jdeveloper is the IDE I am using for developing the project.
image Figure 2 
where library “Thirdparty” contains below jar files.I prefer those jar files needs to be copied to project folder, I mean from DRM SDK zip file (from figure 1) to project folder.
DRMAPI library contains dist/lib/hdrm-proxy-api.jar and xerces library contains thirdparty/xerces/xerces.jar. After doing all setups we can move for development.
please follow below code block for adding a node in DRM.

public class AddDRMNode { //declare variables that needs to be initialized and //used through out the class Identify the DRM server //to which we are trying to make request String aUrl = "<Url of DRM server>"; //Initialize master data management IMasterDataManagement masterDataManagement = null ; //Initialize TRemSessionInfo TRemSessionInfo sessionInfo = null ; //Initialize Current Version String CurrentVersion = null ; //Initialize list of hierarchy Objects ArrayOfStringHolder hierobjects= null ; public AddDRMNode(){} public void addNode( String <DRM UserId>, String <DRM Password>, Sring node) { //get instance of mdm masterDataManagement = MasterDataManagementUtils . getMasterDataManagementFacade ( new URL (aUrl)); //get session try{ sessionInfo = masterDataManagement. getSessionMgr (). createSession (<DRM Server User ID>, <DRM Server Password>, "ProductVersion=11.1.1,CleartextPassword=True"); } catch ( Exception e) { logger. info ("unable to get session");} //get hold of current version currentversion = "Current"; //get list of all hierarchies under Current version. here listHierObjects //is a method which returns list of hierarchies.Defined later in my post try { hierobjects = listHierObjects(this.sessionInfo, currentversion); logger. info ("there are [" + hierobjects.value.length + "] hierarchy objects for version [" + currentversion + "]"); } catch ( Exception e) { logger. info ("Hierarchies are not found"); } //looping through the Current Hierarchy for ( int i = 0; i < hierobjects. value . length ; i++) { logger. info ("[" + i + "] hierarchy value is [" + hierobjects. value [i] + "]"); //Obtain a hierarchy locator using version and current hierarchy value hierlocator = getHierLocator(currentversion, hierobjects. value [i]); //get hold of hierarchy prefix using the hierarchy locator try { prefix = getHierarchyPrefix(hierlocator); //update passed argument node as a concat with prefix node = prefix+ node; logger. info ("Customer to be added :[" + node + "]"); } catch ( Exception e) { logger. info ("Problem retrieving Hierarchy Prefix"); e. printStackTrace (); } //get IHier_PortyType for node addition ihierpt = this .masterDataManagement. getHier (); //get hold of parent node try { parentnode = ihierpt. nodeByAbbrev (hierlocator, <Parrent node name>); logger. info ("ID of Unmapped node is" + parentnode. getID() ); } catch ( Exception e) { logger. info ("parent node does not exist"); e. printStackTrace() ; break ; } //get hold of nodelocator object for parent node TRemLocalNodeLocator nodelocator = getTremLocalNodeLocator(currentversion, hierobjects.value[i], localnode. getDisplayByString ()); try { //check whether passed node is existed, isnodeExist is //defined later. passed argument is //locator of parent node,Local node object,node to be added if (isnodeExist(nodelocator, this.masterDataManagement. getLocalNode (), node)) { logger. info ("Node Exists in UNMAPPED"); } else { logger. info ("Node does not exist, going to add"); //addNode passed arguments are hierarchy locator //node to be added,parent node ID,boolean value to decide //whether added node is leaf or limb ihierpt. addNode (hierlocator, node, parentnode.getID(), true); } } catch ( Exception e) { logger. info ("Exception odue to node handling, It may be mapped earlier in parent Node"); } } } private boolean isNodeExist( TRemLocalNodeLocator nodelocator, ILocalNode localnode, String node ) { //obtain list of descendent nodes for parent node TRemLocalNode [] descendentArray = localnode. fillChildrenSorted (nodelocator); boolean flagExist = false ; for ( int i=0;i<=descendentArray. length ;i++) { //if parent nodes display equals to passed node //then set flag equals to true if (descendentArray[i]. equals (). getDisplayByString (). equals (node)) { flagExist = true ; } } //return flag return flagExist; } //This method take session and version as input and returns list of hierarchies as output //private ArrayOfStringHolder listHierObjects(TRemSessionInfo sessionInfo, String versionId) throws Exception { //Get IVersion object to invoke methods for retriving list of hierarchies IVersion versionOfInterest = this.masterDataManagement. getVersion (); ArrayOfStringHolder hierarchies = new ArrayOfStringHolder() ; //obtain list of hierarchies versionOfInterest.listHiers(sessionInfo. getSession (), versionId, hierarchies); return hierarchies; } //This method takes version and hierarchy name as input and returns //TRemHierarchy locator as output public TRemHierLocator getHierLocator( String versionID, String hierarchyname) { TRemHierLocator tremhierlocator = new TRemHierLocator (); tremhierlocator. setSession ( this .sessionInfo. getSession ()); tremhierlocator. setVersion (versionID); tremhierlocator. setHier (hierarchyname); return tremhierlocator; } //This procedure takes hierarchy locator object as input and //returns valid prefix stringfor that hierarchy as output private String getHierarchyPrefix( TRemHierLocator hierLocator) throws Exception { logger . info ("Hierarchy prefix for " + hierLocator. getHier ()); String prefix = this .masterDataManagement. getHier (). fillStrPropValue (hierLocator, DRM_HIERARCHY_PREFIX_FINDER); return prefix; } }

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  1. HI Anindya,

    Can you suggest me some tech document which I can refer while developing code as above? I am working on a project in which I have develop report in DRM API.

    Thanks for your help

    Mukesh Pardasani