Saturday, October 23, 2010

ServletException in BPELProcessManagerBean class for getDefaultRevision method and Work Around

I met below error

  1. javax.servlet.ServletException -
  2. com.collaxa.cube.ejb.impl.BPELProcessManagerBean.
  3. getDefaultRevision
while upgrading my SOA server to by applying the patch 7586063.While log in to my BPEL console I got below error screen


while looking to the log file(%ORACLE_HOME%/opmn/logs/default_group~oc4j_soa~default_group~1.log) I figured out the method named getDefaultRevision() is missed or some problem occurs in that.

  1. <2010-10-23 11:12:25,781> <FATAL> <default.collaxa.cube.activation> <AdapterFramework::Inbound>
  2. java.lang.NoSuchMethodException:
  3. com.collaxa.cube.ejb.impl.BPELProcessManagerBean.getDefaultRevision(,
  7. oracle.tip.adapter.fw.jca.AdapterFrameworkListenerImpl.onInit(
  8. at oracle.tip.adapter.fw.agent.jca.JCAActivationAgent.setupEndpoint(
  9. oracle.tip.adapter.fw.agent.jca.JCAActivationAgent.initiateInboundJcaEndpoint(

While investigating I came across few brainstorming facts.

  1. This error comes while loading all domains,more preciously after loading all Processes.
  2. Activation Agent is throwing error and the dependent classes too.

As BPEL Console shows error in com.collaxa.cube.ejb.impl.BpelProcessManagerBean it comes to my mind about ejb-ob-engine.jar and we can find the jar file in %SOA_HOME%\j2ee\<AS_Instance>\applications\orabpel but after applying the patch upgraded jar file got created in %SOA_HOME%\bpel\system\j2ee\ejb directory with oc4j as suffix in file name and old ejb-ob-engine.jar should be replaced by the new jar file. But it may not happen while applying the patch.

As a workaround

I have stopped Oracle SOA server first using opmnctl stopall and then I have copied  'ejb_ob_engine_oc4j.jar' file from
%SOA_HOME%\bpel\system\j2ee\ejb\ejb_ob_engine_oc4j.jar to %SOA_HOME%\j2ee\<AS_Instance>\applications\orabpel and renamed it to ‘ejb_ob_engine.jar’.


I have restarted the server using opmnctl startall and BPEL Console works like a charm.


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